Progress Update

Ok, so the pause menu has been changed. Very happy with that, all the clutter from the previous version has been removed - it's much simpler and better looking now.

I've introduced some falling platforms - stationary platforms that will drop down off screen if Bob strands on them for too long. I haven't made them crumble, just fall, but that might change following feedback.

I have a few bugs to sort out. The Pterodactyls have suddenly stopped dropping rocks. Not sure why. This MUST be connected to the Plants stopping spitting rocks, so something is badly wrong somewhere. I'm also having a problem with the Orcs, who have stopped attacking Bob when they get near him. Something I've done fairly recently has messed up so time to check source control for differences.

Finally, I'm going to add a few things over the next few fays:-

  • Add fading in and out of screens.
  • Add game controller support.
  • Add some more background animations.
  • Do some more work on the end game screen/sequence.

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